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Body Tempering is a revolutionary, all-natural movement dedicated to stress relief and body strengthening. This movement is a form of strength preparation and is designed to “crush” the stress, tension, and weakness from the body. Fire and Ice is proud to have the ONLY Body Tempering trainer in Tennessee. Whether you are an athlete looking to push your body to the next level, about to go into rehab for an injury or have tension in your back from working at a desk all day, Body Tempering is the perfect solution.

Body Tempering

Body Tempering and similar movement based solutions are available to clients 18 years and up. Please note: Body Tempering is NOT rehabilitation, physical therapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic or orthopedics; it has nothing to do with medical practices, diagnosis, treating injuries and or body manipulation. It is a highly anaerobic method of strength training, to assure flexibility, stability, and mobility.

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Want to learn more about how Body Tempering works? Watch the videos below.

Prices / Monthly Subscription

One Hour $45

Includes Body Tempering, Ischemic Therapy, Compex or Theragun options

30 Minutes $35

Includes Body Tempering, Ischemic Therapy, Compex or Theragun options

Body Tempering $120

4 Sessions

Mix and Match $75

2 Hours

All Inclusive $250

8 Hours

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