1 Hour $45

we have the ONLY certified Body tempering specialist in the state of Tn. Body tempering helps to anaerobically forces blood and oxygen throughout the entire muscle, unlike any other technique while providing a myofascial release after a long days work, nothing feels better!

Body tempering is a form of preemptive strength preparation- it literally crushes the weakness out of your body. This is probably the best "pre"-hab and rehab your body needs, whether you sit at a desk for grueling shifts or are a competing athlete.

Body Tempering and other techniques used at this facility are for anyone 18 years of age and above. Our therapies are significantly effective against many different symptoms, mobility issues, and just general malaise.

Disclaimer: Body Tempering is NOT rehabilitation (rehab), physical therapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic or orthopedics; it has nothing to do with medical practices, diagnosis, treating injuries and or body manipulation. It is a highly anaerobic method of strength training, to assure flexibilty,stability, and mobility.

30 minutes $35

Body Tempering Only

650 S. Jefferson Ave Suite 112 Cookeville, TN 38501

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Body Tempering (4 sessions)  $120

​Mix & Match (2 hours)   $75

​All Inclusive (8 hours)  $250

Monthly Subscriptions

Body Tempering & More

30 minutes $35

Includes Ischemic Therapy, Compex, or Theragun Options

Includes Body Tempering, Ischemic Therapy, Compex, or Theragun Options